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Food that make you hungry

We have all experienced this phenomenon in some way before. Sometimes we eat and an hour later you are starving again and then sometimes we are full for hours after a snack or meal. The content of the foods we eat can drastically alter how the body receives them and how they are digested. If we trying to decide what to eat for a breakfast or a snack, one option may keep you full for three hours and the other for just an hour. Obviously the option that will keep you full the longest is better as you don’t start checking out the fridge again and usually making bad diet decisions.
There are actually certain snacks that will make you hungrier by eating them, and knowing which of these to avoid will reduce cravings. There a common theme when looking at which foods you should avoid. Bread, pasta and juices all contain a lot of fast-digesting carbohydrates and sugars that will spike insulin levels in your body. The result of this is that your blood sugar crashes and feelings of hunger follow. Another type of snack to avoid are salty snacks. Salty foods actually trigger your body to crave sweet things so as your “salty” stomach is full your “sweet” stomach is still craving something. Lastly, another hunger trigger is actually artificial sweeteners. This fake sugar found in diet soda makes your body think that it is about to get a loaded with sugars and carbs, it is let down when it doesn’t receive it and makes your cravings for sweets even stronger.
Now that you know what foods to avoid to curb your hunger cravings, what foods will keep you full longer? Any snack with whole wheat and fiber will keep you satisfied because these carbs are much slower digesting in the body. Oatmeal is a great breakfast because oats have a lot of fiber! Another type of snack is almonds and nuts. These contain fats that keep you full and a good amount of fiber.
Now that you armed with this knowledge you will be able to snack better and stay full longer!