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I have a new workout idea for you!! Cross Fit is not really my cup of tea but I like to incorporate some of their workout styles into my exercise routine. Last week I tried the Cross Fit workout EMOM. EMOM means every minute on the minute, so you pick an exercise or a group of exercise and start your timer, at each minute you start your exercise and when you finish your exercise you get to rest until the start of the next minute. I enjoyed this type of training and it allowed the workout to go by very quickly. It is up to you if you want to quickly go through your exercises and have a longer rest period or if you want to go slow and steady. You can choose any exercises so this would be great to do when you were traveling or if you didn’t have any equipment. I performed the following exercises at the end of my upper body workout on Friday and it was great because it increased my heart rate while still doing strength. Check it out and let me know if you try it!

EMOM: 5 minutes for each group

Group 1:

10- Squat w/ Press

10- Weighted Jumping Jacks

10- Back Fly’s

Group 2:

10- Push Ups

5- Burpees

20- Mountain Climbers

Group 3:

10- TRX Rows

10-Lunge Jumps

10- Jumping Pike Ups