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Egg whites verses the whole egg

Beginning around the mid-90s, eggs were considered a foe. Their yolks contain a lot of cholesterol so many adults avoided them or didn’t consume them often. As it turns out, we’ve now learned this yolk is chalk full of healthy fats, proteins, and other nutrients. Some still wonder if it’s better to consume the whole egg or just the egg white. Here are some reasons why I’d recommend the whole egg for most people. Even though whole eggs have more calories than egg whites (54 vs. 17), they also contain more protein than egg whites (10% RDA vs. 7% RDA). When you are trying to lose weight, protein is a very helpful nutrient you need to consume with each meal and snack. Egg yolks also contain all the good nutrients in the egg. This includes iron, zinc, vitamin A, folate, choline, phosphorous, carotenoids, and vitamin D. These nutrients help with bone density, oxygen transportation, and vision to name a few things! While it is true one eggs contains over half your daily cholesterol recommendation, multiple studies have shown people who consume eggs on a regular basis don’t see a rise in their LDL (bad cholesterol levels). Our personal trainers recommend eggs as a significant source of protein. If you are aiming for weight loss, consider mixing a whole egg with some egg whites to keep your calories low while still enjoying all the nutrients an egg has to offer!