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Eating Out Healthy

Trying to eat healthy is hard enough when you are at home eating predetermined meals that you have planned out for the week. So what happens when you have an event that you have to eat out? It seems overwhelming to try and stick to your healthy diet! We have all had this problem before so do not think you are alone! Below I have listed a few tips to help pick an entree that allows you to stick to your healthy diet!
Check out the nutrition before you arrive at the restaurant. Plan what to eat before you arrive so the delicious smells do not change your plan.
Try and pick items that are grilled, steamed, or baked. Avoid items that are fried, breaded, or creamy.
Split an entree, many restaurants portion sizes are at least double the appropriate portion size.
Skip dessert, wait until you get home and choose a healthier dessert.
Watch the condiments, a salad could be an awesome choice but sometimes the dressing alone can reach close to 300 calories!
Stick to entrees that contain mostly meat and vegetables. Skip those pasta dishes!
Drink a lot of water, people often mistake dehydration for being hungry.
Avoid alcohol. Alcohol tends to lead to making poor eating choices.
I hope these tips help you stick to your healthy diet. Do you have any tips you like to us to make healthy dinner choices while eating dinner out?