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Dreaded Bra Fat

One of the most common "problem" areas clients (mostly women) complain about is the dreaded bra fat area. This is the area under your arm pit that wraps around to your back. Like always the most important aspect of losing fat is a healthy diet but there are a few exercise that can definitely help! Working all of the muscles in the back and even the core are important in achieving a toned back. Check out the exercises below and come into Live Fit if you have any questions!

Plank Lateral Raises

Bentover Dumbbell Rows

Arnold Shoulder Press

Dumbbell Front Raise

Renegade Rows


Upright Rows

Chest Fly's

Overhead Pull Overs

You do not need to perform all of these exercises, you can choose a few to do each time you perform a strength workout to help tone and enhance the muscles in your back.