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Dieting…what is a diet? I have clients come to me very often asking how to loose 20lbs in 2 weeks…In all honesty, that is extremely unrealistic, especially if you want to keep the weight off. I try to explain to my clients that you are not going on a diet; this truly needs to be a lifestyle change. In the beginning we might be extremely strict. Once you hit your goal you can adjust your calories to maintain your weight but you unfortunately you will never be able to go back to eating/not exercising like you were before. A few tips I have found that help people change their dieting habits are making sure you can live with this lifestyle. If it is a weird diet that you will never be able to continue, find something that works for you. Decide what is worth a cheat meal. I have a lot of clients say things like, “Well it was my sons birthday so I HAD to have cake.” If you think about it you probably have 3 kids, a husband, 2 sets of parents, and maybe a few siblings. Does that mean for each of their birthdays you need to have a huge bowl of cake and ice cream? I am all having the occasional cheat meals but people use so many different excuses to justify having one every few days. Unfortunately this thinking will make losing weight very difficult. Another tip is to have a plan. Plan out your meals and schedule your workouts ahead of time. I have found that if everything is planned out it is a lot easier to eat healthy and make sure you make it to the gym. My last tip is to make sure you have a balance between healthy and indulgent. Don’t beat your self up over eating that piece of cake; maybe skip a true workout to go bike riding with your kids, make sure it is right for you!