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Diet Soda

You’re on a “diet” but your looking for something sweet…what do you grab? A lot of people will grab a diet soda. Obviously there are no calories in diet soda but unfortunately it wreaks havoc on your body. Drinking diet soda causes your body to be tricked into thinking you have had sugar, this triggers your body to produce insulin and that tells your body to begin storing fat. Because your body believes you were consuming sugar your body then continues to crave more sugar, which typically leads to other poor diet choices. Another side effect of drinking diet soda is its addictive nature. The feeling your body has after ingesting the sugar substitutes and caffeine can make your body yearn for more. And the last side effect of drinking diet soda is the fact that consumption of soda typically replaces the consumption of water and can there for can cause dehydration. So in the end, it is probably better to skip that diet soda, try fruit infused water or green tea if you need caffeine.