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A lot of us spend a majority of the day sitting at a desk so I want to give you some ideas of how to get a little bit more activity throughout your day.
Tap those toes: put your head phones in and tap your toes to the beat, you would be surprised how many additional calories that can burn.
Take the long way to the printer: think about it, how many times do you go to the printer each day, if you added a extra 30 second walk each way that could increase the amount of steps you are taking.
Skip the elevator, take those stairs!
Now this one is a little bit of a stretch, but how about some jumping jacks while you wait for a document to load…you might get a few strange looks from your co-workers, but who cares!
Pace when you are talking on the phone
Lower Body:
Squats: stand and sit in your chair while talking on the phone
Leg raises: bend and straighten those legs under your desk, make sure to squeeze your quads when you straighten out.
Butt squeezes: literally squeeze those Glutes and hold for about 5-10 seconds and then release and repeat.
Calf Raises: when waiting for that 100 page document to print bust out 100 calf raises!
Upper Body:
Tricep Dips: bust our some tricep dips each time you come back from the bathroom.
Wall Push Ups: waiting for that coffee to brew do a few wall push ups
Arm circles: while sitting at your desk do arm circles forward and backwards for a minute each way. I promise your arms will be screaming by the end.
Let us know if you give any of these “deskercises” a try!