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Compound Exercises

Are you looking to make the most of your time at the gym? Why don’t you try including some compound exercises into your routine? Compound exercises are exercises that involve two or more muscle groups during a single exercise. Compound exercises allow you to quickly and efficiently work each muscle group in your body and typically increase your heart rate allowing for a higher calorie burn during your workout routine. There are many different compound exercises, some of the most common compound exercises are;

• Bench Press
• Squats
• Kettle Bell Swings
• Dead Lift

To change up your workout routine a little bit more add in some of the following exercises;

• Lunge w/ Bicep Curl
• Single Leg Dumbbell row
• Step Up w/ Shoulder Raise
• V-Sit w/ Russian Twist (demonstration on our Instagram page!)
• Squat w/ Overhead Press

Come into Live Fit if you would like some more exercise ideas from one of our great personal trainers!