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Compound Exercises

Compound exercises are exercises that work multiple body parts or muscle groups simultaneously. I absolutely love compound exercises, we are all busy and sometimes we do not have as long to workout as we would like. When this is the case, utilizing compound exercises can allow you to get a total body workout in half the time! Another benefit of compound exercises is increasing your heart rate and also getting a great strength workout. Also, many compound movements are functional movements, so they can make everyday activities easier. For example, a squat and press can make putting the laundry basket up on the top shelf easier! Below I have listed a few examples of compound exercises; there are a lot of combinations that can be used. If you have any additional questions one of our Live Fit personal trainers would love to help explain these exercises!
Squat with an Overhead Press

Lunge with a Knee Lift

Pushup with an alternating Knee Raise to Elbow

Bicep Curl with a Triceps Kick Back

Sumo Squat with a Calf Raise

Bridge followed by a Sit Up