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Common Running Injuries

There are so many benefits of running including; increased stamina, weight loss, stress relief, and so much more. But unfortunately there are a few very common injuries that can occur when running. Today lets discuss a few of those running injuries and how we can prevent them. As always if you have any additional questions about these injuries come into Live Fit and one of our great personal trainers would love to help!

Runners Knee

Symptoms:Pain under the kneecap

Prevention Tips: Strengthen your quads, hamstrings and hips and also stretch your quads and hamstrings well after a running workout.

Treatment: Rest, anti-inflammatory medicine, and physical therapy

Plantar Fasciitis

Symptoms:Stabbing pain in your heal, usually worse in the morning

Prevention Tips: Stretch the arches of your feet and calves; massage arches with a frozen water bottle.

Treatment: Physical therapy, custom orthotics, steroid injections

Shin Splints

Symptoms: Pain in the front of the lower leg

Prevention: Improve lower leg and hip strength; increase mileage gradually

Treatment: Rest, ice, and pain relievers

IT Band Syndrome

Symptoms: Pain in lower back, hips, and or knees

Prevention: Foam roll IT bands regularly, stretch hip and butt muscles

Treatment: Physical therapy, stretching, and massage