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Cold Weather Running


We all see those crazy people running when it is 20° outside and think why the heck are they doing that. Well if they are anything like me they think running on the treadmill is about the most torturous thing in the world so they do everything they can to run outside. Running outside in the winter is actually not as horrible as it seems. My biggest suggestion to new runners is to make sure to run through the weather. What I mean by this is to run when it’s 70°, 60°, 50°, and so on. This helps our body acclimate to the weather changes. This year’s weather has been a little crazy. The last time I ran outside was Monday and it was 70° outside but today was a bit different. This run was difficult, but I continued to push my self through the workout because I promise the first cold weather run is the hardest, it WILL get easier!

My biggest suggestions for running in the cold are to make sure your hands, feet, and ears stay warm. Also make sure to wear moisture wicking materials and change right when you come home. As crazy as it sounds you will sweat even when it is freezing outside. If that moisture stays close to your body it will make you even colder when running. If you stay in those clothes when you come home your sweat will cool and make you extremely cold.
Also, I know a lot of people feel like their mouths are bleeding when they run, unless you bite your lip your mouth is most likely not bleeding. This is caused when you have disrupted the mucus membranes in your nose and it causes the taste in your mouth. Most likely this is nothing to worry about and it should go away after a few cold weather runs.
Do not give up on running in the winter, you can do it, and I promise it will get easier!