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Cardio No, No’s!

A lot of people are turning to the gym, as part of their New Years Resolutions, which is awesome! But many people are doing some major no no’s when working out on a cardio machine. The biggest one I see is leaning on the machine or holding on. Changing the incline on the treadmill helps activate additional muscles but if you are holding on the entire time you are cheating your self out of a better workout. If you are too exhausted to perform the exercise correctly, lower the resistance or the incline. Another mistake I often see is forgetting to use the resistance. You may see someone flying on the elliptical and unfortunately momentum is doing most of the work not you! Another mistake is picking one cardio machine and doing that religiously. Change it up by walking at an incline one day, then try the stair stepper the next, and then go back to the elliptical. Change is good! The last thing I want to suggest is to add in some strength training to your cardio workouts! Even if this is only 10 minutes at the end of the workout, adding strength training can add a different dimension to your workout. I hope these tips help! Come into Live Fit and our personal trainers can always give more tips so you are guaranteed to get the most out of your workouts!