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Caesar Salad Recipe


Chicken Bacon Caesar Salad

Obviously bacon makes everything better! But I had never thought about adding bacon to a caesar salad until I was trying to convince my boyfriend that a salad for dinner would be a good idea! For him if I add bacon to anything he will typically at least try it! Well let me tell you, it was amazing! We have had a chicken bacon caesar salad twice in the last two weeks! It's a super simple recipe that takes 5 minutes to put together, I have used left over grilled chicken both times and then used the extra bacon we cooked for breakfast the next morning. Check it out and let me know if you try it!


servings: 2

8 oz grilled chicken breasts

6 slices center cut bacon

Shaved Parmesan Cheese

4 tbls Caesar Dressing


Romain lettuce


Dice romain lettuce into bite size pieces and place into the bottom of 2 salad bowls. Add 2 tbls caesar dressing to each bowl and toss the salads, next dice the chicken and bacon into bite size pieces and divide between the two bowls. Top each salad with pepper and parmesan cheese.