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Burn more calories walking

Walking is an exercise that many healthy care providers recommend, there are many studies that show that walking just 20-40 minutes 3 times a week can significantly lower your risk for many life threatening diseases. Walking can be an incredibly effective exercise but unfortunately some people do not challenge their selves while walking. Today lets talk about a few things that you can do to make your self-burn more calories while walking!
There are a few things you can adjust about your body that will greatly benefit your health. First make sure your heart rate is up, having a conversation should be a little difficult, if it is not, pick up the pace! Next make sure your posture is correct, your shoulders should be back and relaxed and you should be lowing forward not down at the ground. Also lift up those knees, do not shuffle your feet, and squeeze your glutes together when you are pushing off on your back foot. Also make sure to engage your abs, pull in your stomach muscles so you can burn more calories. Last increase your stride length to target the most muscles possible.
There are also a few things you can add to your walk to increase your calorie burn. For example wear a weighted vest or hand or ankle weights, start walking hills. Hills automatically work your butt and the back of your thighs and increase your calorie burn. And last you could try walking on uneven terrain. Walking in the grass, sand, or snow can quickly increase your calorie burn.
Like I said in the beginning walking is an awesome exercise but make sure you are reaping all the benefits by using a few of these tips. Come into Live Fit and talk to our personal trainers if you have any additional questions!