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Burn extra calories throughout the day

Most people have busy lives and one thing that may slip through the cracks on a busy day is exercise. People cite lack of time as one of the major reasons for skipping their workout. Even if you are not able to make it to the gym, there are others way to incorporate exercise into your daily life and burn some extra calories throughout the day. The first method to increasing those calories burned is to fidget. This means any seemingly insignificant movements such as walking to the water fountain or reorganizing your desk drawer. These movements don’t burn many calories but they start to add up throughout the course of the day. The second is one you have probably heard before and that is take the stairs. Make it a point to always take the stairs and you will do your body good. The third simple method is to park farther away when you are going to work or running errands. That extra hundred yards will add up to more calories over the week. Lastly, a huge way to boost that metabolism is to stand up more. Sitting for hours at a time will put your body into a steady state mode and slow your metabolism. Simply standing up every few minutes at work while on the phone will help your body to kick start its metabolism and avoid going into that steady state mode. All of these methods will take some conscious effort at first but with some repetition they will become habit, and you may notice an increase in energy as well as shedding a few extra pounds.