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Boxing at LIVE FIT

Live Fit is proud to offer a variety of private personal training options that include strength training, Pilates, yoga, and mitt boxing. Mitt boxing is a type of exercise that can be a little intimidating at first, but at Live Fit we provide instruction and exercises that are doable for all fitness levels! Boxing is an amazing exercise for many reasons, I listed a few of the benefits of adding mitt boxing to your workout routine below.

• Increased cardiovascular health: Lets be honest, we could all add more cardio to our daily routine and boxing is a great option because it gets your heart rate up and you are not stuck walking on a treadmill or doing 100 burpees!

• Better hand-eye coordination: Boxing requires hand eye coordination to make sure you are performing the correct combo your personal trainer is requesting. Don’t worry we will start with small combinations and then eventually you will be performing 10-15 punches in a row!

• Total Body Workout: You might think boxing will just work your arms, but it actually works your entire body. You should be using power from your legs and core in addition to your back and arms. The first time I tried boxing my upper back was sore in the best way!

• Boxing is FUN!: I enjoy a boxing workout because it is so much fun, learning the combos keeps your mind off of the actual workout and you feel so accomplished when you get a long combo correct.

I hope this has made your feel comfortable enough to give boxing at Live Fit a try! Boxing is available at both of our locations, Prairie Village and Overland Park. Stop by or give us a call to try it out!