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Booty Kicking Exercises

Summer is just around the corner and that means bikinis and short shorts, but this year will be different because you’re going to be ready! Let’s talk about some of the best moves for a toned back side.  First off, just like any other area of your body if you want to see change quickly you may also need to adjust your diet, but let’s get back to those booty kicking exercises (pun intended)

• Heavy Squats: this is one of the best exercises for your booty, don’t be scared to load up that weight, this will not give you bulky thighs. Make sure to have correct form with your weight in your heals and keep your chest up!
• Dead Lifts: dead lifts work your hamstrings, this allows for definition from your thigh to your butt, and who doesn’t want that!!
• Lateral Band Walks: we’ve all done them and we all know they work the side part of your butt that is hard to hit.
• Weighted Bridges: this will work the area of your butt that causes the “crease” between your butt and your hamstring.

There are so many great workouts for your glutes but you have to get started now! Come in or call today to set up a workout with one of our great personal trainers.