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BMI-Body Mass Index

BMI is your body mass index, which is the measure of body fat based off of your height and weight. Below is how you can calculate your BMI and use the information to see if your weight is healthy. Being underweight or overweight can cause many health problems. To lower your BMI you need to increase your muscle mass and decrease the amount of fat in your body. You can do this by exercising and watching your diet.

Step 1: Weigh your self in pounds

Step 2: Measure your height in inches

Step 3: Take your height in inches and square the number

Step 4: Divide your weight by the Step 3 number

Step 5: Multiple Step 4 by 703 and that is your BMI

<18 = underweight

<18.5 = thin for height

18.6-24.9 = healthy weight

25-29.9 = overweight >30 = obesity

BMI is the simplest way to measure your body fat but there are additional ways that are more accurate. Hydrostatic weighing is done when you are placed under water and your body fat is read by displacing the fat in your body. Body fat measuring is done by measuring your skin and your fat using calipers. Come into Live Fit if you have any additional questions!