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Benefits of stretching

Scheduling out time to workout can be difficult and if you’re anything like me, taking the extra time to stretch at the end of a workout is sometimes forgotten. This can be a huge mistake because stretching has so many great benefits for your body. First and foremost, stretching can decrease your risk for injury. Increasing your flexibility can increase your range of motion and allow you to perform exercises correctly without any restrictions. A very common issue for many people is overly tight muscles especially your lower back or your upper back and shoulders. Stretching helps your muscles relax and this can lessen your pain. Stretching also improves your posture and I think we can all say we should have better posture. Working to open up your chest and strengthen your back muscles is an integral part of improving your posture. Stretching also helps to increase blood flow to your muscles, which allows you to increase your range of motion and leads to less pain. Overall, stretching has countless health benefits. Come into Live Fit and let one of our personal trainers help you develop a stretching plan so you can experience all of these benefits.