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Benefits of planking

The plank is a great exercise and can easily performed at home with no equipment; but do you know all the benefits of performing a plank? Planking has so many benefits for the health of your entire body; below these benefits are listed;

• Increasing core strength: Planks are a great exercise to work your entire abdominal area including your transverse abdominals, rectus abdominals, and oblique’s.

• Decreasing lower back pain: Having a strong core is vital for the health of your low back, a strong core is like a corset that helps hold up your spinal column

• Improving posture: Like I said earlier a strong core is like a corset that holds up your spinal column this will lead to better posture

• Improving your balance: Weak abdominal muscles are typically the number one culprit for bad balance. Increasing your core muscles will help you improve your overall balance.

Like I said planking has so many benefits so get down and PLANK!