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Bench Press Variations


Bench press is a great exercise to increase strength in your chest, triceps, and deltoids. Continuing to perform the same old bench press routine can get boring, below I have listed bench press variations that you should give a try during your next chest workout!

Incline Bench Press: set up the bench at an incline (less weight necessary)

• Increases muscle activation in your deltoids

Decline Bench Press: set up the bench at a decline (more weight necessary)

• Targets the lower chest muscles

Eccentric Bench Press: set up the bench flat but slow down on the lowering of the bar. Taking about 5 seconds

• Increases your muscle endurance

Decreased Range of Motion Bench Press: set up the cage so your arms only bend to 90° before they hit the stoppers.

• Targets the triceps muscles

Reverse Grip Bench Press: set up just like normal bench press but reverse your grip.

• Targets the upper chest

Let us know if you try any of these variations during your next workout. As always come into Live Fit and ask one of our great personal trainers if you need any assistance!