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Belly Breathing

When you begin exercises we are worried about building muscle for our legs, arms, and core we work on healthy eating and making sure we are practicing correct form, but we typically over look something that is extremely important, Breathing! There are two types of breathers, chest breathers and belly breathers. Lets begin by figuring out what type of breather you are, start by putting one hand on your chest and one hand on your stomach now take a normal breath, which hand rises? If it is your chest hand then you are a chest breather. What does this mean? This means you are a shallow breather, which can cause side stitches, increased muscle fatigue, and make you more susceptible to injury. If you are inhaling deeply you are using your belly and your diaphragm is being pulled to its lowest possible point, which allows your lungs to fill to their greatest volume. This increases the amount of oxygen you inhale but also gets air deep in your lungs where it can be easily absorbed into your blood stream. I would suggest practicing this while lying down and becoming comfortable and then start using this technique slowly when you exercise. If we can fix something as easy as our breathing and this increases our ability to get a better workout I am all for it!! Come into Live Fit if you have any additional questions for our personal trainers.