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Belly Bloat


Everyone has probably dealt with some sort of bloated belly in the past and sometimes it can be downright painful. Whether you want to reduce belly bloat because its uncomfortable or to have a flatter looking belly, there are some foods that naturally aid in the reduction of bloating. Sipping lemon water or coconut water are easy ways to aid digestion and reduce stomach bloating. Other remedies include cayenne pepper or turmeric, both of which stimulate digestion and relieve gas pressure in the gut. Also, teas such as ginger tea and peppermint tea are believed to have a positive effect on stomach bloating. Sometimes, severe bloating can be very uncomfortable or borderline painful and you might need a little extra remedy to relieve the pressure. Below is a good recipe that combines many of the best cures in a de-bloating smoothie that actually tastes good!

½ Cup coconut water

1 ½ Cups diced pineapple

½ inch peeled ginger knob

½ Cup ice

Handful of spinach

1 Teaspoon turmeric

Dash of cayenne pepper

Combine all ingredients, mincing ginger before blending, and blend until smooth.