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Bad posture, Bad Health

Unfortunately bad posture has been an epidemic as of recently and unfortunately bad posture can affect your health in many different ways. To start bad posture puts increased pressure on your spine and this can lead to tension, soreness, and headaches. These postural imbalances can also affect your internal organs by compressing them, which reduces their efficiency and normal function. Some extremely common issues are respiratory problems, high blood pressure, or poor digestion. If you have bad posture your breathing can be limited by up to 30%, imagine if you didn’t lose your breath as quickly when you walked up the stairs or you could run around with your kids for longer. Practicing proper posture keeps your muscles and bones in their natural position, which will reduce the wear and tear of joints, which will improve your overall health. Relearning correct posture can be a long road and it takes extreme discipline but the benefits are well worth it. Come into Live Fit and let one of our many personal trainers demonstrate exercises that can help to improve your posture.