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Aging and exercise

Everyone knows that exercise will keep you feeling healthier but what affect does exercise have on the aging process. Research has shown that regular exercise and a more active lifestyle can actually slow down the aging process. This comes with many benefits to your body and it can actually make you look younger as well! Exercise has been shown to reduce inflammation in your body, making you feel younger and improving things such as heart health and flexibility. Many people think that exercising may be hard on their bodies as they get older, but in fact this is the opposite. Some strenuous exercising such at running can be hard on joints but less strenuous exercises such as brisk walking will actually improve your joint as you age. In a study that followed regular exercisers for several decades, they showed younger people’s levels of balance, reflexes, metabolic health and memory ability. As far as exercising making you look younger, there are several benefits that have been found. Exercise creates chemicals in the body that actually help the aging process of your skin, giving you softer and younger looking skin compared to people that don’t exercise. Exercise will also increase your metabolism which is a major issue as it tends to slow as we age. This will help you maintain a healthier weight as you get older. There are many ways that people try to look and feel younger, but exercising might just be the best remedy to turn back the clock!