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9 ways to make exercising happen everyday!

1.Workout with a friend

  • Everything is more fun if you have someone else suffering with you!

2.Make working out an appointment

  • You wouldn’t skip a work meeting, you also shouldn’t skip a workout

3.Walk when you could ride

  • Skip the elevator and take the stairs, or walk to lunch instead of hitting up the drive thru

4.Make short term goals

  • Don’t worry if you can run a marathon the first day! Just get out there and get moving

5.Find a workout style you love

  • This can be group classes, an awesome personal trainer, or walking with your friends. Whatever it is you have to enjoy it.

6.Buy some new workout gear

  • Any time you buy a new outfit you want to wear it so why not motivate your self to workout by buying a new outfit!

7.Exercise a little bit, but often

  • Exercising does not mean you have to spend hours in the gym, just do short burst of exercise through out the day to split it up

8.Improve your posture

  • Improving your posture can increase your confidence and bad posture can lead to back pain which could prevent you from working out