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8 weeks until Spring Break

Ready to freak out…you have about 8 weeks until Spring Break! I on the other hand only have 6 weeks until I need to be in a bikini! I have really doubled down on my diet and exercise program for these last few weeks but there are a few things I do right before a trip that can help me feel more confident in my bikini. Below is a list of the steps I take about 2 weeks prior to my trip.

• Eliminate carbonated drinks: carbonation causes bloating and gas

• Consume extra water: water helps flush out toxins and limits the amount of water you retain • Avoid salt: salt causes water retention which can cause bloating

• Cut out white carbs: pasta, rice, bread, and cereals, I typically watch my carbohydrates on a regular basis but during the last two weeks before a trip I try and ingest my carbohydrates strictly from vegetables

• Increase cardio: I do not stop my strength training, I usually add a few extra high intensity cardio sessions, there is not any scientific proof this works, I just think it makes me feel better!

It is always best to change your lifestyle rather then try quick fixes but we have all been there! I hope these tips help make you feel more confident in your bikini. Remember you have 8 weeks, so start today! Come into Live Fit for a free consultation today.