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8 tips to eating healthy on a budget

1. Plan your meals ahead: You can plan meals ahead and see where ingredients overlap and consider what you can do with leftovers. Maybe lunch the next day!
2. Do not shop when you are hungry: This will lead to impulse buying, which typically includes junk food!
3. Shop in bulk: Stock up on frozen meats, beans, and whole grains from a wholesale store.
4. Look for sales: Check the newspaper for coupons and buy sale items in bulk. You can freeze fruit and meat when you buy extra.
5. Grow a garden: You can save money and have fresh produce on hand at all times.
6. Store everything properly: Don’t let food go to waste!
7. Cut up your own food: As convenient as the precut veggies are this makes the price skyrocket!
8. Buy produce in season: In season produce is less expensive then out of season produce.

We all know that eating healthy can be expensive. Here at Live Fit our personal trainers make living a healthy lifestyle achievable for everyone!