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How is your Sit Up Challenge going? Only 3 more weeks left! I thought I would leave you with another challenge! This is for increasing your plank time, hopefully by the end of the 30 days you will be able to hold it for 1 1/2 minutes or longer! Give it a try and let us know how you do!

Day 1: 20 sec

Day 2: 20 sec

Day 3: 30 sec

Day 4: 30 sec

Day 5: 30 sec

Day 6: Rest!

Day 7: 30 sec

Day 8: 30 sec

Day 9: 40 sec

Day 10: 40 sec

Day 11: 40 sec

Day 12: Rest

Day 13: 40 sec

Day 14: 40 sec

Day 15: 50 sec

Day 16: 50 sec

Day 17: 50 sec

Day 18: Rest!

Day 19: 50 sec

Day 20: 50 sec

Day 21: 60 sec

Day 22: 60 sec

Day 23: 60 sec

Day 24: Rest

Day 25: 60 sec

Day 26: 60 sec

Day 27: 70 sec

Day 28: 70 sec

Day 29: 70 sec

Day 30: Until Failure!

At this moment I am hopefully sitting on a beach having a different type of frozen drink ;) We are in Cancun for a week for our honeymoon and there will be no worrying about my diet, maybe I will get in a few workouts but lets be honest I don't really care! Everyone deserves a break every once in a while! Well while I am eating fresh fish and lots of frozen drinks why don't you try this chocolate peanut butter smoothie! I make this for my fiancé all the time, shhh don't tell him there is cauliflower in it!



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As a personal trainer I always tell my clients to make sure to eat before and after a workout but we don’t always talk about what to actually eat! It is extremely important to have energy delivering food before you workout and electrolyte replenishing and protein rich food after your workout to repair your torn muscles and make up for the electrolytes you lost from sweating. Below I have listed some great options for before and after your workout.

Before your workout:

Banana w/ Peanut Butter

Apples w/ Almond Butter

Avocado Toast

Nuts and Raisins

Cheese and Crackers

After your workout:


Protein Shake w/ Milk

Omelet w/ Veggies

Grilled Chicken w/ Veggies

Salmon w/ Sweet Potato

Unfortunately the nice weather is going to be totally gone sometime soon which means grilling outside will be a little miserable!! Last week I decided to try cooking chicken breast in the cast iron skillet and it turned out awesome! I was able to get a little bit of a char to the outside of the chicken and it was super easy! Check out the recipe below!



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So if you actually know me, it's officially wedding week! Ahh crazy to think that it is really here. Well any ways I thought I would drop in with last weeks workouts. I am hoping to be able to stick to my normal workout routine this week and even get a run in the morning of our wedding. I always feel better if I am able to workout! Check out my week of workouts and let me know what type of workouts you did!

Monday: HIIT w/ 2 mile slow jog

-I think I feel like I accomplished the most after a HIIT workout, they are quick but so effective!

Tuesday: 50 minute Jog

-I usually jog for miles but this day I decided to run at what ever pace I was feeling and just enjoy the run. Running is for sure a stress reliever for me so it was extremely enjoy...

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There are hundreds of protein powders on the market nowadays which makes picking a protein powder extremely difficult! Below is a short list of things to look for when picking your protein powder.

1: Make sure the list of ingredients is as short as possible! Obviously you are buying protein so you don't want a lot of other fillers!

2: Make sure your protein powder is higher in protein then carbs. Unfortunately a lot of shakes claim they are "protein shakes" but really they have more carbs then protein which kind of defeats the purpose!

3: Try to avoid artificial sweeteners, lets be honest protein powder doesn't always taste the best so many companies put artificial sweeteners in their protein powders to make them taste better. If you try a ...

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Can you believe it is November already?? That means the holiday's are right around the corner. Unfortunately most Americans gain between 7-12 pounds over the holiday season. I think that is because of many different reasons, most of which include the extra food intake and the busyness of the holidays. At Live Fit we unfortunately notice a trend with our personal training clients where they get busy, their family is in town, the kids of off of school, and many more excuses to skip their workout. I can only assume most people use those same excuses to skip the gym! In a way to combat that holiday weight gain I have attached a sit up challenge! This challenges you to be able to do 50 sit ups in a row, this will only take about 10 minute...

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Another weekend came and went! Did you do anything exciting? Like normal we spent out weekend working on wedding stuff! I think my Dad is about had it with crafts! Below I listed my workouts for the week, how many workouts did you get in? I did yoga twice last week which is a huge accomplishment for me!

Monday: HIIT w/ Yoga

-About the only time I will do yoga is if it's with a client! Thankfully my normal client was back in town this week so I was able to squeeze in an hour of yoga with him.

Tuesday: 30 minutes Yoga w/ 4 mile Jog

-Chris and I are doing yoga together on Tuesdays so it makes it a little more entertaining!

Wednesday: Barre Workout

-Oh I love a good barre workout, I love to get the muscle shakes! Makes me feel like I am really ...

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Oh man, getting married is awesome! Last weekend was our couples shower and we have such amazing families and friends because we got so many new kitchen gadgets! I wanted to try out our new Ninja Blender right away so I figured a smoothie would do the trick! Below is the super quick and simple recipe I used, don't tell my fiancé that I put cauliflower in the smoothie, it helps make it creamier and you can't even taste it!

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