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Another weekend came and went! Did you do anything exciting? Like normal we spent out weekend working on wedding stuff! I think my Dad is about had it with crafts! Below I listed my workouts for the week, how many workouts did you get in? I did yoga twice last week which is a huge accomplishment for me!

Monday: HIIT w/ Yoga

-About the only time I will do yoga is if it's with a client! Thankfully my normal client was back in town this week so I was able to squeeze in an hour of yoga with him.

Tuesday: 30 minutes Yoga w/ 4 mile Jog

-Chris and I are doing yoga together on Tuesdays so it makes it a little more entertaining!

Wednesday: Barre Workout

-Oh I love a good barre workout, I love to get the muscle shakes! Makes me feel like I am really ...

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Oh man, getting married is awesome! Last weekend was our couples shower and we have such amazing families and friends because we got so many new kitchen gadgets! I wanted to try out our new Ninja Blender right away so I figured a smoothie would do the trick! Below is the super quick and simple recipe I used, don't tell my fiancé that I put cauliflower in the smoothie, it helps make it creamier and you can't even taste it!

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So we all know my obsession with any thing cauliflower. I have been on the cauliflower rice band wagon for a long time and recently Trader Joe's released a pre-made cauliflower pizza crust. Obviously I had to try it ASAP! The verdict is it was amazing, I will admit I kind of cheated because the toppings we chose were not the healthiest toppings but all things in moderation, right?

We followed the directions on the package pretty closely, the only thing I would suggest is to use an actual pizza pan, I think it would help make it crispier. Since we don't have a pizza pan the last 5 minutes of cooking we put the pizza directly on the rack.

For the toppings we melted a little bit of butter and drizzled it over the pizza along with some g...

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Our Favorite Chest Exercises at Live Fit

There are hundreds of different exercises for each muscle group. The above video shows some of our favorite, keep in mind that every exercise can be modified by your personal trainer to make it appropriate for YOU! As always come into Live Fit today to talk to one of our certified personal trainers about a workout plan that could possibly include some of these exercises! Hope to see you soon!

Oh hey Monday! I will be totally honest and say that this weekend flew by! I kind of didn't even notice it and I am already looking forward to next weekend. Not a good way to start the week ;) I figured I would share my workout schedule from last week incase you needed a little bit of motivation!

Monday: HIIT w/ Yoga

Kind of a weird combination! But I train yoga on Mondays, I typically do most of the hour with my client just because there is so much demonstration that is needed.

Tuesday: 5 mile Jog

This weather is so weird it was a little hotter this week which always makes those runs a little more difficult.

Wednesday: Barre

I love a good barre class especially on Wednesday when I go with my girlfriend!

Thursday: Sprints w/ 30 minute sl...

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Warming up before you exercise is extremely important. Warming up will slowly prepare your body for exercise by slowly increasing your heart rate, loosening your joints, and increasing blood flow to your muscles. Your warm up should include light cardiovascular exercises and dynamic stretches. The most important reason for doing a warm up is to prevent injury during exercise. Check out the warm up routine below.

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds before moving to the next

Jog in place

Jump Rope (can be fake)

Calf Raises

Large Arm Circles

Twisting Toe Touches

High Knees

Jumping Jacks

Arm Swings

High Low Squats

Mountain Climbers

Front Kicks

Jog in Place

If you have any questions about any of these exercises come into Live Fit today and ask one ...

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Football is officially back!! Watching a football game with snacks is one of my favorite things to do especially on a Sunday. Unfortunately, many football snacks are extremely unhealthy. We don't want to ruin all of our progress that we have made throughout the week in one day! Don't get me wrong, everyone of our personal trainers have "off" days from their diets but it is nice to have a few healthy options for football season. Below is a recipe for buffalo cauliflower wings, they are extremely easy and even my fiancé who claims to "hate" cauliflower likes them!



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Happy Labor Day! Does this mean summer is officially over :( ugh I hate that!

Well in typical Monday fashion here is a list of my workouts for the week! How did your week look? Did you get in any workouts? What was your favorite one?

Monday: 30 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) Strength Workout w/ 30 minute jog

Tuesday: 5 mile jog

- I am loving this nice weather! It makes running so much more comfortable.

Wednesday: HIIT Strength/Cardio

- I focused on smaller muscles groups and a lot of cardio! Unfortunately I added in some burpees too!

Thursday: 5 mile jog

Friday: 30 minutes yoga w/ 3 mile jog

- I am in need of a yoga buddy! I hate doing yoga but I know it is good for me, I need to find someone to workout with me and I am sure it wou...

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I love grilling, it's quick it's easy and you are able to get a lot of flavor without adding extra calories. Below is a grill recipe for salmon and broccoli. Check them both out!

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Todays diet was pretty typical! I worked all day so I had to pack an easy and quick lunch but I was lucky enough to be able to eat a real breakfast! Check it out below.

Breakfast: Egg Muffin w/ 2 slices of bread

- I had a frozen egg muffin for breakfast, they are high in protein and low in carbs so I wanted to add the bread to make sure I stayed full for as long as possible!

Snack: NoGill protein snack

- I love these little snack bars. They are only 110 calories and they taste a little different than normal protein bars. They are quick and easy!

Lunch: Salami and Cheese w/ 10 Reduced Fat Wheat Thin Crackers

- I could eat this about every day for lunch! It's a little bit higher in fat then I would prefer but its a better option then McDonal...

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